06 August, 2008


Hello Again!
We just left Venice today and now we are kind of in transit in Milan. We are staying the night here because we forgot to book an extra night in Venice. We are flying out tomorrow to go to Prague in the Czech Republic. Anyway, Venice was really cool but not nearly as full of stuff as the last 3 cities. We saw the famous San Marco's Square. It was huge! It's the one that is really famous for having pigeons everywhere. I totally was able to catch one by its legs and tail. It was flapping its wings a lot. Bethany took a picture so whenever I can get some on here you can see. We also saw the St. Mary of the Friar church. It has the Madonna with child painting. Again we were not supposed to take pictures but I totally did. We also went to the murano island and the burano island. The murano island is the one that is famous for it's glass making and burano is famous for it's lace. Murano was much cooler. We got to see a free demonstration where someone made a glass horse. Other than that we just kind of walked around venice, which by the way is really hard to navigate because it has a lot of really small little side streets that are not on the map. Venice is probably the prettiest city we've been to. It's really nice with all of the little canals here and there and then all the apartments/houses are really neat. We have been in Italy for almost a week now and the one thing I am going to miss about this country is all the Gilato. It is absolutely delicious! I think I might go through withdrawal. Anyway.....off to Prague!!!


Nancy said...

Just wanted to let you know that we are reading your blogs and following your Euro Adventure! It is fun to see Europe through your eyes - you have quite a unique perspective and we are enjoying it. Can't wait to see your pics. Tell Bethany hi, and hope you guys enjoy every minute!
Bill, Nancy, Kim, Greg and da bulldogs: Bailey, Tedwerd and Tucker, too.

Aunt Michelle said...

I am so happy you are having a great time I can't wait to see all the pictures... (I will take vaction to view all of them) LOL
I hope once you get into school we can chat more. Aunt Renee and Uncle Eric along with the kids say hello. I will try to write again soon.
Love, Aunt Michelle

Mom said...

What is going on this week. No new postings? Have you had a chance to read your email? Sorry we haven't called. Everyone from camp says hey. You were missed. Hope all is well. Sounds like you are having a great time. The kids go back to school on Wednesday and Kyle is enjoying Soccer. He is tired but likes it. We Love you very much and miss you. Mom XXOO