16 September, 2008






Hopefully these links worked. Let me know if they do or don't


DAD said...

Nice pics, finally! You need more descriptons like Bethany did. We don't always know what we're looking at. I think that bug was a '73. I had a '74 and Ed a '72 and they don't look like either of those cars. I also believe it was a beetle (as opposed to a super). The turn signals in the front bumper threw me a bit. Also, nice lotus shots. Uncle Ed would be proud. I believe it was a Europa (not an Esprit) Keep sending more pics. Have you been down on the Rhine where all the castles are? Talk at you soon. Dad

Anonymous said...

From '73 until the end the Beetle had the rounded composite tail lights. It was not a Super Beetle, as you said. Mine was a '71 Super Beetle, which had "teeth" under the front bumper, the first year for the Super. The turn signals in the bumper were a Euro thing. I was going to replace mine and shave the signals on top of the fenders. The Lotus is an Elise one of three current models, the others are the Exige, a fastback that looks like an Elise; and the new Evora.

And you thought I didn't read this?! Nice of you to keep us updated. Uncle Ed.